Monday, April 9

How To Wrestle An Alligator

"Wrestling an Alligator" is up there on the list of skills a man must have. Somehow, this makes me think of The Picnic By the Lake and how Elias overpowered that alligator and Crisostomo Ibarra slit its throat (or was it the stomach?) with a dagger.

If I were in high school and reading it now, I would be rescue myself from the tedium of writing chapter summaries. There would be so much fun to be had by appending my own chapter aside from "Kabanata X: Elias at Salome." It would still be a "Tell it again!" but this time it would be "Kabanata XXX: Elias and Ibarra," an AU fanfiction yaoi-style.

Also, I didn't know there was a TV tropes page for NMT.

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