Wednesday, June 4

Carried Away

In the official website, I was able to confirm my suspicion that Carrie upgraded her laptop. You can now even browse her Macbook Pro Powerbook. The fun part is that if you were able to answer the questions the girls and Mr. Big will throw at you during chat, you get to unlock Carrie's hard drive. (Sounds a bit pornographic, but not really. Just geeky stuff.) Carrie Bradshaw even sent me an e-mail thanking me for "impersonating" her during the chats. Neat.

EDIT: Gadgenista argues that since Carrie's laptop doesn't use the Magsafe Adapter and does not have an iSight, it must be a G4, and therefore a Powerbook. But the website does say that Carrie is using a Macbook Pro. Oh well. The above photo was swiped from Gadgenista.

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