Tuesday, November 13

Ladlad 3 invitation

Ladlad 3 invitation
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My creative nonfiction professor J. Neil Garcia just handed me an invite to the launch of the almost mythical third installation in the Ladlad series. Grabe. As in undergrad pa lang ako lagi nilang sinasabing lalabas na ang librong iyan.

Note the merman with wings on the book cover*. Neil says that if that cover isn't enough to lure people to the launch, he doesn't know what will. How about free food? Hahaha.

Anyway, Ladlad 3 book launch will be on 1 December 2007, 5 to 7pm, Bestsellers Ortigas, 4/F Robinsons Galleria.

*If you'd look closely at the envelope beside the invite, the writing says "Jessel and Friends," tapos may drawing ng heart. Parang "Lotlot and Friends" di ba? So 80s! Hahaha.

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