Sunday, October 14

From My Girl to Soldier's Bride


Because Markmomukhamo insists I'm a fan, might as well. Here's your unsolicited My Girl news of the week/month/year/decade/millenium: Anna Chlumsky is engaged!

She's slated to marry soldier Shaun So, who served in Afghanistan. Since she is Catholic and her fiance is Chinese, the ceremony will be a mixture of both: "My church, Chinese reception." There won't be any bride "kidnapping," but will most likely have a tea ceremony. Both their fathers are chefs and have restaurants, the reception will most likely have a little of both.

The article says there's no chance of Macaulay Culkin attending his erstwhile co-star's wedding, since she doesn't "have his address."

In the weirdest of universal coincidences, when I was reading the papers the other day, I also saw this bit wherein Macaulay Culkin's girlfriend who was on That 70s Show, claimed that Mac is a homebody and is a "terrific cook."

Now I can't be bothered to look up a link for that, so go figure.


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