Sunday, April 29

Weekend Listening

I'm supposed to be working on something this weekend. So I sat in front of my computer, then I noticed that there's a huge pile of paper on my desk. Cleared the papers, moved the books to this stack near the window.

Before I knew it, I had grouped my books into fiction/nonfiction stacks. I moved the CDs and the DVDs to the shelf, everything alphabetized by title. Of course there has to be music.

John Legend somehow reminds me of Norah Jones: soft and easy, like a welcoming couch. You sit down and don't want to move. Also, the songs in Once Again, all kind of blend already into this amorphous mass after some time. The singles "Save Room" and "P.D.A" are already the distinctive ones in the bunch. It was actually because of the latter that I wanted to listen to the whole album. But that's largely because the music video of PDA features the guy from City of God, I think.

But if you play Justin Timberlake, his Future Sex/Love Sounds makes you want to dance. If you want to finish things, you turn up the volume on Justin.

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