Wednesday, November 15

Jack En Poy Extreme

A bunch of us were thinking of holding an Extreme Jackenpoy (aka Rock Paper Scissors) Challenge for the office party next month. It must be the easiest game there is: "Players smack their fists into their palms and count to three before making one of three hand signals: a fist (rock), flat hand (paper) or two fingers (scissors). Paper covers rock, scissors cut paper and rock breaks scissors." The game's origins is pretty much contestable, but it is generally believed that the game has been played for centuries in Japan. Even Ian Fleming's James Bond was made to play it in a movie set in samurai country.

Anyway, our plan was each participant will have a Php50 entrance and will have once chance to play. Winner of each set will compete with other winners until there's only one. But apparently, this is already old hat as the World RPS Championships were held last weekend in Toronto. There was a C$10,000 prize and hundreds of national champions flew in for the event.

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