Sunday, July 29

After the Pinoy short film screening at the
Alliance Francaise, and having nothing better
to do, I hung out with some friends at a house
in Vito Cruz.

It's hard being a bum surrounded
by other bums:

Instead of just lying about and ignoring pangs
of hunger in favor of dozing off or staring at that
cable movie you've seen a zillion times, you are
forced to take into consideration other people's
growling stomachs. You have to ask if they want
to eat breakfast at 2pm.

In the mid-90s, the preferred pickup line for guys
used to be "I'm in a band." Around 1998-99, this
evolved into: "Hey, I have a website." In the first
few years of the new millenium, it's now "I am a
short filmmaker."

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