Saturday, March 29


I think I'd really like to pursue this project. I don't know exactly what triggered my interest in it, except that I wanted to do a story that focuses on a single character who has a definitive line of work and follow it through. No messy one-event, three-povs sort of thing. No gimmickry. Just a character with a story. I'm not sure though whether to do it fiction, non-fiction. It would be easier to do it nf. And I would like to do that immersion thingie. But I can't do it alone. It has to be at least two people, I've been told. No onania. Just two or three people and camera. I must find me a digital v-8.

Saturday, March 22

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Kantogirl in her rendition of the pagtawid sa alambre act

Bakit ko ba niloloko ang sarili ko?
I won't deny it like that song
Hindi ako si Bitter Ocampo.
Leche kasi si Sting eh.
Astig sa last song syndrome
You'll be sorry when I'm dead
And all this guilt will be on your head
I guess you'll call it suicide
But I'm too full
To swallow my pride
I can't I can't I can't stand losing
I can't I can't I can't stand losing
I can't I can't I can't
I can't stand losing you
I can't stand losing yyyyooou.
Act of recurring humiliation ends here.